Training Options

While gyms can now operate & welcome their members. The question remains: are clients ready to return?  Many preferring the personal and unique benefits offered by boutique gyms over large-scale ones 

Team Castellan Fitness Facility:

Provides members with a safe, up to the minute, hygienic facility alongside expert guidance, tailored workouts & individual attention 

Personal Attention - Professional Environment
  • Limited number of attendees at any given time 
  • Members only policy thus no large crowds or mass equipment usage
  • Varied exercise routines keeping you motivated, engaged, and fit
  • Professional, dynamic training facility
  • Operating on a month to month basis– no long-term contracts required
  • INnovative Offering
  • Exclusive hourly rental of gym facilities (Be it for: filming crews, adverts or should you simply wish to enjoy your own state of the art boxing gym)
  • Corporate Team Building Activities 
  • Brand Launches and Promotions
  • Celebratory Gift Cards: be it a Birthday, Anniversary or a Motivational Get Fit Together - Gift Card
  • Birthday Innovations – is your child/grown up celebrating their birthday? Do something different! Chat with us about hosting an outdoor training function that promotes health, releases endorphins & allows for social interaction in a safe environment. Why not celebrate your birthday by elevating your health! We have the facilities, equipment & trainers to make your Birthday Stand Out for all the Right Reasons.
  • Training Options
  • Signature FIT outdoor classes (outdoor training, utilizing the gym’s up to the minute equipment and skilled personal trainers)
  • The Personal Option: one on one training offering personal & customized workouts aimed at achieving your desired objectives
  • Children are Welcome (parental permission required) under the instruction of our specialized personal trainers (experienced in training pre-teens and teens). 
  • The Boutique Group Sessions: benefit from attentive, personalized training & tailored workouts, in a shared & motivated environment offering a cost-effective solution
  • Contact us for a quotation
    Boxing Interval Intensity Training /Boxing Fitness Class (Full Body Workout)

    Combining a shared (cost effective), motivating environment with personal attention & a complete body workout 


  • Body toning through varied routines 
  • Bag work, cardio & resistance training
  • Fitness elevation
  • Cost effective
  • Limited number of attendees
  • Outdoor FIT Training: Combining functional & strength exercises with cardio routines

    Start the weekend on a FIT note, with a unique outdoor session, run by our elite trainers. Designed as the ultimate calorie burning full body workout. The class offers outdoor enthusiasts fresh air, outdoor training, great vibes and plenty of exercise. 


  • Providing a dual anaerobic and aerobic workout
  • Core strengthening & health benefiting 
  • Latest training equipment (per attendee - no sharing)
  • Varied workouts designed to motivate & engage
  • Limited number of attendees ensuring personal attention 
  • All-encompassing high calorie burning workout
  • Youth Zone: Promoting Health via Fitness.

    A Pre-Teen & Teen Session (ages 10 year old and upwards). Taking place weekly, providing a positive outlet for pent up energy! Incorporating a balanced training routine, while maintaining social distancing. Ensuring a full body workout, in a fun and safe environment. Best of all….. time away from the comforts of the digital era and one’s Smart devices.


  • Enjoyable & varied exercise routines
  • Improved hand eye coordination & core stabilization
  • Confidence building
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Full body workout
  • Limited number of attendees ensures personal attention and technique orientation
  • Due to limited numbers, should you wish to attend one of our SESSIONS booking is essential.
    To find out more about our offering, please contact Shiri 076 33 33 428