Stay Healthy During Lockdown 
Chicken Soup for the Lockdown Soul

While gyms remain closed looking after one’s health has never been more important. With the rate of infection increasing and stress levels rising, we all need an outlet - hopefully, we find it in something positive and productive. Exercising offers numerous benefits keeping your body in shape, your mind positive and your health in check - it may just prove to be a life saver. In the war against the Corona Virus your immune system is ground zero.

The benefits of training come down to 3’E’s

aids in toning and conditioning your muscles, strengthening your heart, increasing blood flow and improving circulation.


exercise enables your body to create and release endorphins – triggering a clearer, positive mental and physical state 


while there is little we can control during these trying times. We can and should have a say over our health. Dedicating an hour, a day towards exercise should be on all our agenda’s. In the fight against the Corona Virus a boosted immune system may be your best defense. 

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Personal Trainer Tool Box

While numerous companies offer gym equipment bundled as a “Gym in a Box” we have conceptualized the “Personal Trainer Tool Box” The idea of a “Gym in a Box” is a good one, provided you know how to use all the equipment in said box to its full potential, while having the discipline to build your own routine. Should this not be the case you may be doing yourself a disservice. Limiting your workout and the full benefits of your newly bought “gym”.

Zoom training, may offer some solace, however with limited bandwidth, congested networks – you and your trainer may be working with a certain time delay, as the session is broadcast through a smart device, it limits the trainers full range of vision, leaving room for accidents or injuries to occur..

Acknowledging these factors, we sought a solution that will make your expense viable and your training beneficial – hence The Personal Trainer Toolbox was formulated...

The Personal Trainer Toolbox offers basic but multitasking equipment, with varying resistance levels, that can be used anywhere, even in a limited space. Whether you are after a full body work out or are targeting certain zones our tool kit will achieve the desired results. Best bet for your buck – in order to ensure that you benefit from your purchase, utilizing the equipment to its full potential in a safe and productive manner -we have included 4 personal training sessions with the equipment. 

The training will take place as one on one sessions, outdoors, making use of your own equipment – hence all the factors prescribed in maintaining one’s health are adhered to.

The benefits 
  • You will become accustomed to your tool kit. 
  • You will learn various exercises and routines thus keeping you motivated even when training at home. 
  • We will enable you to use the tools as you desire, be it for a full body workout or to strengthen specific muscle groups.
  • Your trainer will monitor your progress, ensuring your purchase is used in an optimal & safe manner. 
  • At the end of the month you will not only own your equipment – you will also know exactly what to do with it. 
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