About Team Castellan

Team Castellan is home to several trainers, each possessing expertise and experience in fitness, weight training, body conditioning, endurance training and boxing. Being passionate and knowledgeable individuals, they are well versed to customize your workout to meet your objectives and goals. The benefit of training with a professional fitness instructor, aside from the motivational aspect, is in the wealth of knowledge and experience that is shared. Whether you are new to the sport or an old pro looking to indulge in a much-loved sport – our trainers will meet your needs.

As Director of Team Castellan, Mick has 7 professional athletes working alongside him. He is meticulous about those joining his fitness center. Recruiting only the best and most sought after, thus ensuring innovative up to the minute training, value add and safety.

Interesting Fact: According to the ESPN Degree of Difficulty Project, which sized up more than 60 sports based on required athletic skills to determine which sport is most difficult, boxing came out on top.

Mick Castellan,
Entrepreneur and Director of Team Castellan

Mick has spent most of his life in the fitness and boxing industry. Whether as an amateur, professional or boxing trainer – he has the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide a productive & safe workout while offering guidance and advice.

Mick started boxing at the age of 12, turning professional 7 years later. He was privileged to train at the acclaimed Yeoville Boxing Gym, which saw many fighters attain international Titles. As such he had the opportunity of training and sparring with some of South Africa’s boxing elite.  

In 1986 Mick was rated amongst the top 10 South African Boxers (Middle Weight Division). In 1993 he traveled to the US where he honed his boxing skills and sparred with boxing greats such as Robbie Simms and Vinnie Pazienza at the prestigious Petronelli Gym.

Boxing Trainer: Mick started training professional boxers and private individuals in 1995. In 1998 Mick opened his first gym (Boxercising Norwood) where he trained professional boxers, sportsmen and private individuals. Mick trained four South African boxers that later went on to compete at Title levels. His boxing career took him to the USA, Denmark, France and numerous provinces across South Africa.

In 2010 Mick opened his newly founded fitness and health facility in Waverley - aptly named Team Castellan!

In 2017 Mick suffered a life-threatening accident that kept him in ICU for several months. During his recovery Mick trained himself back to health, displaying immense discipline, not wavering in his quest to regain his fitness levels. While the experience was a traumatizing one, it instilled a sense of empathy and understanding within him. As such he upskilled himself in various training techniques that can be applied in a healing process and tapped into his own journey of recovery to encourage, mentor, and motivate others. Mick volunteered his services and training experience at numerous recovery facilities.

Mick currently trains numerous prestigious clients both female and male – who are as passionate about the sport as he is.