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In a bid to align a health program that is effective while preserving social distancing, we are doing things differently. Having a fitness facility, we are not hindered by clutter but blessed with 120 sqm of open space enabling us to maintain social distancing while allowing our clients to concentrate on their health.

What we offer that makes us difference – despite the well-known verse “Show me the Money!” – we prefer the old adage: “Better Safe than Sorry”.

 As such we offer: 
  1. 1.       A safe, non-congested space to train, exercise and rejuvenate your mind and body

    2.       Indoor space of 120sqm that caters to a limited number of attendees at any given time

    3.       Shared training, should you wish to train with a friend or two we offer shared session rates

    4.       A safe and secure outdoor area that is pleasant to exercise in whilst enjoying the outdoors

    5.       Home Training Solutions with our Innovative Personal Trainer Tool Box.

    6.       Morning FIT Classes, these take place outdoors, in an open & secure, vitamin D enthused environment,  providing great vibes and plenty of exercise. Booking is necessary

Commonly asked Q&A:
1. Do you have female clients 

Absolutely, take a peek at Instagram, and you'll see celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima getting active in the boxing ring or with a punching bag. And with good reason! In 60 minutes, a 130-pound person can burn up to 708 calories in a boxing ring.

2. What must I bring 

A face mask, towel (preferably 2), gloves, wraps, comfy clothes, sneakers and a water bottle. (if you need assistance or advice we’re here to help)

3. I have never tried boxing before and am unfit 
No stress, you are in for a fun and enjoyable surprise, one that will get you into shape at your own pace.

We blame it on Lockdown! And we can help fix that!

5. I don’t want to be a professional fighter, I just want to get fit 

Perfect, knowing what you want and sharing it with your trainer will ensure your workout is customized for you.

6. Am I bound BY a 12 month contract 

No, you will be billed at the beginning of the month for the sessions booked. We prefer to work on a monthly basis, no lengthy contracts!

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